Trick or Treat? 

And that reminds you of Halloween, doesn’t it? But Megan had different plans though. Kissed by her man goodbye before zooming off to work, a regular housewife it doesn’t really dawn upon us to find something interesting about this character, don’t you think?

As she sat in front of the mirror, combing her hair with wide flashy eyes, thinking that poisoning her man would have been too easy according to her. Tonight is the night. It was exactly a year ago when Joffrey murdered his best friend, her brother, Jonathan for property issues. Portraying a dumb woman sometimes became hectic for her. For a year she kept on collecting evidences against her man under his suspicious nose which she manages to come out clean anyway. You think that 34-28-36 is of no use?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Well, just Mrs. Smith, I guess. An undercover agent who can be dangerous and seductive at the same time, like, sweep you off of your feet when you see her spreading her legs and talk dirty to you, “Trick or treat?”


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